The Benefits of Knitting: Stress Relief, Improved Motor Function and Brain Health

Recent research has revealed a strong connection between fabric and feelings of calm and happiness. In a clinical setting, a study of a group of people with eating disorders showed that knitting had a significant effect on reducing anxiety and calming obsessive thoughts or worries. Knitting is a form of meditation for many people. The repetition of the stitching is soothing, relaxing and allows them to stay still and concentrate.

It can also help to “solve problems” while achieving a woven piece. Knitting has been around for centuries, and it has been proven to have many benefits. Not only does it help improve motor function and mood, but it also stimulates the brain to stay healthy. According to the Mayo Clinic, older adults who do crafts (including knitting) are 30 to 50% less likely to have “mild cognitive impairment” than those who don't.

Knitting is not only beneficial for physical and mental health, but it can also be a great way to socialize. Many weavers find benefits in the social nature of the craft, whether they belong to a local knitting group or an online community. For those who have been knitting for years, it can be a source of joy and satisfaction. I have been knitting for more than 60 years, since I was 10 years old.

I LOVED it all that time ❣. Knitting can be an enjoyable activity that helps you relax and stay focused while also providing many health benefits.

Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

I am of the author and owner of I Love Knitting. I first learned to knit when I was around five years old, and stop doing it when I hit my teens! I than picked it back up when I had my first child, and have since taught all three of my children to knit.

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