What are the side effects of knitting?

Knitting too much can put you at greater risk of repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even arthritis on rare occasions. We reserve the right to change any of the terms of this Agreement or any Specification or Guide governing the Service at any time in our sole discretion. All changes will take effect upon posting to the Service. However, for all changes to this Agreement, excluding the Specifications and Guidelines, we will post a change notice for thirty (30) days.

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Both the height and width of the image must be between 60 and 3500 pixels. Stretching exercises to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome The study conducted by Betsan Corkhill aimed to see the effects of tissue on the mental health of subjects. For quite some time now, the beneficial effects of the fabric on the mental well-being of those who practice the trade have been the subject of debate.

Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

I am of the author and owner of I Love Knitting. I first learned to knit when I was around five years old, and stop doing it when I hit my teens! I than picked it back up when I had my first child, and have since taught all three of my children to knit.

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