Best knitting gifts?

Knitting is an incredibly rewarding hobby, but non-weavers often see it as an enigma. If you've never worked a single stitch, finding the perfect gift for a knitter can be a challenge. What do they need and what don't they really need? To answer all your questions, I have put together this list of more than 15 simple gifts for weavers. You can also check out my blog post on 25 Things Every Weaver Needs, but this list will address the challenges of finding a gift for an upcoming birthday or Christmas in a more direct and practical way.

I have been knitting for more than 30 years and I will share with you all my tips and past experiences here. You can find my list of the best hand dyed yarns here. There's one last thing you need to know. It is better to buy two skeins and not just one.

Therefore, with two skeins, the gifted will have a lot more options in terms of using the yarn. If you're not sure what gift to buy, you can always get a good Etsy coupon (you can buy them here). Don't buy one from Amazon or something like that, your choice of knitting supplies is much more limited. Looking for inexpensive gifts for weavers? Then stitch markers could be a good option.

You should know that some projects involve 400 stitches or more on the needles. And it's very easy to lose the account. To avoid this, use small loops between the stitches so that you can mark important sections of your pattern. You probably can't count the comic strips with cats playing with a ball of wool.

However, there is a grain of truth hidden there. Yarn likes to run (and cats DO like to play with knitting). But that's another story) and you might not want to place it on the floor where it can get dirty, to begin with. Here is a beautiful selection of different wool bowls.

Now, don't just think of mugs that say “I love knitting. So why not buy a nice mug with a little sheep? I love having wool bowls all over my house. They're a great way to showcase your favorite threads, as well as current work in progress. Handler also likes this skein of Simply Socks Yarn because the yarn itself is dyed to make a pattern mostly just stripes when woven, so it's a “fun surprise” when you see the final design.

And with what seems like hundreds of options online, your weaver is guaranteed to find something she likes. Most of the knitters I know don't have one, and if you choose a really nice design, it probably wouldn't matter if they already have one. Knitting row counters are a fun way to quickly track your knitting rows for simpler projects, especially while knitting in public or on the go. You can keep the shape of hand-knitted socks, as well as use them when presenting knitted socks as a gift.

Steege has polled the knitting community to create this inspiring collection, which includes unique yarns to try; classic techniques to master; innovative designers to learn about; new and most loved patterns to knit; museums, movies and books related to knitting to enjoy; and much more. Vogue Knitting hasn't announced dates after March, but tickets are selling out, so you have to act fast. Knitting needle gauges help you check the size of your knitting needle once you've used the letters on your knitting needles. If you are looking for unusual gifts for weavers, then weaving inspired jewelry (such as these earrings or this necklace) could be a very good idea.

It's very easy to lose track of your stitches and row when knitting, especially if you use Netflix and Knitting. It's taken me a while to buy my own, and now I have an extra sense of security after leaving my knitting job. If your knitter often makes sweaters (or anything that needs to be sewn), a locking mat would be useful, which can stretch the designs and make sure all the pieces are the right size. Once you understand what your friend likes, you can narrow down the options and find the perfect knit gift for them much easier.


Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

I am of the author and owner of I Love Knitting. I first learned to knit when I was around five years old, and stop doing it when I hit my teens! I than picked it back up when I had my first child, and have since taught all three of my children to knit.

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