What to get someone who likes to knit?

I love having wool bowls all over my house. They're a great way to showcase your favorite threads, as well as current work in progress. Once you understand what your friend likes, you can narrow down the options and find the perfect knit gift for them much easier. Personally, I would choose something that was removable (more like a safety pin and not just a closed loop).

Gifts of luxury yarn such as cashmere, silk, mohair, baby alpaca or fine merino are on the wish list of knitters. But this is a great way to preserve any special twists, especially for handmade and craft yarns. Handler also likes this skein of Simply Socks Yarn because the yarn itself is dyed to make a pattern mostly just stripes when woven, so it's a “fun surprise” when you see the final design. And if you buy all your yarn online and don't want to go to a store to have it rolled up, like Leimkuhler, it's good to have it on hand because having your yarn pre-rolled sometimes costs more, but you can't really weave without it being rolled into a ball shape.

If you are looking for unusual gifts for weavers, then weaving inspired jewelry (such as these earrings or this necklace) could be a very good idea. Although yarn seems like an obvious gift for a knitter, it's a difficult gift to buy without a specific project in mind, and if you don't know much about knitting, you may end up with something that's difficult to work with. It only goes up to 99, but Handler says that's more than enough, unless you're making a blanket that doesn't normally require much row counting anyway, unlike a sweater. And with what seems like hundreds of options online, your weaver is guaranteed to find something she likes.

Jane MacDonald
Jane MacDonald

I am of the author and owner of I Love Knitting. I first learned to knit when I was around five years old, and stop doing it when I hit my teens! I than picked it back up when I had my first child, and have since taught all three of my children to knit.

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